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Photo credits: André Ginja | City & Travel Photography

«Porto is granite and dreams»

Forever known for the stoic and loyal character of those who live there, the city is thus described in El Rei Junot, by Porto-born author Raúl Brandão. In the historic centre, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, the centuries-old buildings are, literally, just around the corner. If you are looking for art and culture, unforgettable gastronomic experiences or a vibrant nightlife scene, you are in the right place.

Start your discovery of Baixa (“Downtown”) by visiting the Bolhão Market. Recently renovated, but preserving the stories that define it, this neoclassical-inspired building is one of the city’s main jewels. Inside, the famous fresh products market continues to be part of the daily life of the portuenses and of the memory of those who visit it.

And because the charm of Porto is also present in the more cosmopolitan environments, take a walk along the Avenida dos Aliados, one of the most important arteries of the city, where luxury shops coexist with the architectural heritage that characterises this avenue.

If heights don’t intimidate you, climb the 240 steps of the city’s postcard image, the Clérigos Tower, an 18th century baroque monument, from where you can enjoy the most breathtaking view of the city. Let yourself be enveloped by the granite charm of the buildings or, if you choose to go by night, be enchanted by the lights reflected in the waters of the Douro.

A few dozen metres from the Clérigos Tower, visit the Lello Bookshop, the most emblematic of the many historic bookshops in the city centre and one of the most beautiful in the world. Although its origins date back to the 19th century, it was in 1906 that it occupied number 144 of the Rua das Carmelitas, with its neo-Gothic façade and emblematic stained-glass windows. While preserving the original beauty of the building, the bookshop is now a monument of public interest and a must-see for the thousands of people who visit it every year.

End the day in Ribeira, a meeting point for all generations of portuenses. With its narrow streets and colourful façades on the banks of the Douro, it is the ideal place to admire the D. Luís Bridge or the Port wine cellars that stretch along the other bank, while enjoying the incredible and genuine gastronomy that the city has to offer.

Take shelter outside… and inside

Eugénio de Andrade said that Porto is just a certain way of finding his shelter in the afternoon. Although the city is welcoming and strangely familiar, you don’t need to leave the Wine & Books Porto to find the shelter you are seeking for.

Modern but true to the spirit of the original building, the Wine & Books Porto offers a contemporary, genuine and welcoming environment. All our rooms are spacious and comfortable, able to exceed the most demanding expectations and ideal to provide you with the moments of rest that you deserve.

Wine & Books


The Wine & Books Porto Restaurant, Cafe and Rooftop are open daily to the general public.

Spa and Gym

If the long walks through the city have filled your soul but fatigued your body, make sure you visit our spa. In this modern and welcoming environment, every detail has been meticulously thought through so that moments of relaxation are part of your stay. In addition to the spa, sauna, Turkish bath and contrast bath, you can relax in our indoor pool or choose one of the several types of massages we have at your disposal.

But if you feel that out there the city hasn’t demanded too much of you, visit our fully equipped gym, so that you can keep fit and maintain your training routines.

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